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We've rebranded! We are now The Lauren Ignited Podcast and we talk about Soul Music and Comfort Food with my new co-host, Greg Perrine. If it makes you groove or makes you tummy swoon, we are talking about it! Follow our new podcast "The Lauren Ignited podcast" to hear our new episodes.
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Nov 22, 2017

The Ignited team is super thankful to the amazing listeners, like you who tune in and support the show. We will continue to bring amazing stories of how music and food effects the lives of those we are interviewing, and also our own lives. We can’t express how grateful we are that you are along for the ride.

In this slightly ADD episode, find out what's been keeping Lauren busy, how Greg utilizes his vocal jazz performance degree to serenade his dog, and how Lauren almost chose to study French horn in college. Hear some amazing ways to prepare a Turkey (although it’s too late to start some of these for Thanksgiving), and also hear how a King Ranch casserole destroyed Thanksgiving. 

Whether you are prepping a Thanksgiving feast, or commuting out to see family, grab your mulled cider, your stretchy pants, and pop this episode on for a listen. 

We’d love to hear your favorite or least favorite Thanksgiving memory. Feel free to shoot us an email or leave them in the comments below.  


Happy Thanksgiving y'all

Oct 30, 2017

I had the chance to host The Outer Vibe, a 5 piece band from Nashville, at a Sofar Sounds Show in Chicago in the Spring of 2017. They blew me away. Not only were their musical abilities breathtaking, they were some of the nicest people I had met in a long time. 

We brought them on the show to talk about their behind the scenes stories of what really happens on tour, the truth behind their popular song "Fiona," and their favorite comfort food. 

Take a listen and let us know what you think in the comments!

Oct 30, 2017

“There are good days. There are bad days. And there are crappy days,” says chef and owner of Whisk, Son of a Butcher, and soon to open Point and Feather, Rick Rodriguez. Rick sat down with the Ignited team to chat through the story of Son of a Butcher, the challenges of operating two restaurants, and what’s on the horizon for the Whisk team.

You may remember from our last run-in with Chef Rick that he was born in Mexico City, where he was introduced to food through prepping recipes with his grandmother. After moving to Chicago, Rick got a taste for corporate fast food, McDonald’s. This is where he realized that he could make a living in the food and hospitality industry. After working for other chefs, learning the ins and outs of how to operate a kitchen, he finally made the call to go into business with his brother David.

Chef Rick’s goal is to create approachable food with a Latin flair. This is perfectly summed up in the Masa Steak Fries at Son of a Butcher.  Potatoes are mashed and coated with Maseca (Mexican cornmeal), and fried to a crispy golden brown. The fries are then topped with perfectly cooked Arrachera skirt steak, house-made salsa verde, sour cream, and queso fresco. Think a Latin version of Poutine, crispy on the outside, and melt in your mouth in the middle with an explosion of Latin flavor in every bite.

Rick says it’s the responsibility that keeps him going. He is currently employing about 40 people between the two restaurants, and that number will be growing as the new Point and Feather endeavor gets underway. Even on those “crappy” days he knows that what his business and passion is providing for employees, families, and friends, and that keeps him powering through.

The sky is really the limit with Chef Rick, who told us that he could one day see himself opening and running a small boutique hotel, crafting a memorable and approachable experience for guests, complete with amazing Latin-inspired room service.

Listen in and find hear it from the man himself!

Aug 30, 2017

Diana Dávila, Executive Chef and Owner of Mi Tocaya Antojeria, is showing diners a glimpse into her heritage and soul through every dish. Dávila grew up in the kitchen, working for her parent’s taqueria since she was 10 years old. Being part of that world, she didn’t want to open her own restaurant at first. After years of cooking for prestigious chefs and restaurants, then moving to D.C., where she was recognized as a “Culinary Rising Star” and “Female Force”, Dávila came back to Chicago. She wanted to create a place where she could express herself through her food and so Mi Tocaya Antojeria was born!  Explaining the word, antojo, as longing or craving, Dávila’s dishes are meant to be a taste of home.  She wants to share with diners that feeling of nostalgia and belonging, and you can feel it when you’re at Mi Tocaya; whether it’s the deliriously delicious small plates, their tasty drinks, or the colorful and homey atmosphere, you feel like you’ve been invited inside a cultural insider’s house.  If you’re looking for innovative food that references the traditions and comforts of Mexican culture, then Mi Tocaya Antojeria is the place to go! Find out more about Diana Dávila in this week’s episode of Chef’s Coast to Coast.


A look into Mi Tocaya Antojeria


Dávila's signature dish, Peanut Butter Lengua



Pick your poison



The best guacamole ever


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